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Along the years we have dealt with thousands of installations for our plantation shutters. Feel free to browse through our portfolio and refer to our real unedited photos in order to find your inspiration.

Kitchen Shutters: Foreword

The convenience of use that kitchen shutters offer makes them great. The slats may be opened to let in more light or closed and angled for seclusion. You may fold your shutters back nicely against the wall for a full panoramic view if your kitchen faces out into a lovely landscape or you want to showcase your yard.

If a kitchen window is left open, the area may get too hot during the summer, feel exposed at night, and appear incomplete. There are several window coverings for the kitchen that will compete for your attention, but only shutters can address all of these issues and also make the space appear stunning.

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Bifold Tracked Window Shutters installed on a corner patio door

Which window coverings should be used in the kitchen ?

Because the kitchen is a practical and busy area, picking the appropriate window treatment can be challenging. Kitchen window coverings must be able to handle the humid environment of the space because cooking produces condensation. If you hang curtains near the window, the fabric may absorb moisture and perhaps mold.

Additionally, the fabric takes up cooking scents, so an aroma that is enticing when a dish is in the oven or on the stovetop is no longer attractive after the curtains have absorbed it and blended it with other smells. They can be removed and cleaned, yes, but it takes a lot of time and leaves the window naked in between. Additionally, curtains might obstruct the preparation area and clutter windowsills. That may be an inconvenience in a large kitchen, but it poses a danger in a small one.

So what is the top spot on the list of kitchen window treatments? Contrary to curtains or blinds, plantation shutters don't collect odors from cooking, so you can be sure they won't affect the room's cozy ambiance. Additionally, they are quick and simple to clean, giving you more time to spend cooking and entertaining guests.

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Do shutters on kitchen windows reduce heat ?

You can solve your overheating issue perfectly with plantation shutters. They are incredibly good at letting air escape since they can be fully opened and utilized to direct steam in a specific direction.

In warm kitchens, blinds are much worse. It will take longer since they partially prevent the heat from exiting the room. If you purchase blinds for your kitchen, keep in mind that they may need to be replaced on a semi-regular basis because they are prone to warping in the heat.

Instead of being negatively impacted by the heat like curtains and blinds are, shutters enable the heat to escape without any barriers. The worst-case scenario is a small amount of condensation, which is simple to clean up.

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Bifold Tracked Window Shutters installed on a corner patio door

How do kitchen window shutters manage moisture and odor ?

Cooking has several pleasures, one of which is the aroma. It makes the space more lively whether they are onions or coffee. But if the odors remain for too long, you could become annoyed.

Condensation is another drawback of cooking that over time can harm your home.

As the Mimeo Composte Shutters are waterproof and relatively simple to clean, they provide you with the simple solution to deal with culinary residues while also saving you money. Shutters are also odor-resistant because, unlike other window treatments, they do not absorb odors, making them less likely to persist.

Mimeo Waterproof Shutters
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