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Collection of photos with plantation shutters installed in bathrooms.

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Along the years we have dealt with thousands of installations for our plantation shutters. Feel free to browse through our portfolio and refer to our real unedited photos in order to find your inspiration.

Bathroom Shutters: Installations

It might be difficult to find a covering for the window(s) in your bathroom. Budget, kind of covering, material (fabric, wood, PVC, MDF), color, and other considerations need to be taken into account. You need something that will provide you seclusion, but it also has to look good and be simple to open up when you want or need light.

There are numerous ways to cover a bathroom window so that privacy is maintained when needed without affecting the amount of natural light that comes in. The best option is almost always bathroom shutters.

window shutters company car fleet and warehouse in chessington
Bifold Tracked Window Shutters installed on a corner patio door

Can plantation shutters be installed in my bathroom ?

The answer is yes if you're asking the common customer question regarding whether plantation shutters are effective for bathrooms. Plantation shutters may be used in bathrooms because they can tolerate the humidity and dampness, making them an appropriate window covering alternative for bathrooms. Our plantation shutters are not only watertight but also very simple to maintain. All you have to do is use a towel to clean them. 

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The biggest advantages of selecting bathroom shutters include:

The need for solitude in the bathroom;
Controlling and reducing light at all times of the day;
Keeping your bathroom cozy with noise and heat insulation;
A timeless style that complements many bathroom designs;
Waterproof and durable attributes.

window shutters company car fleet and warehouse in chessington
Bifold Tracked Window Shutters installed on a corner patio door

What shutters do we suggest ?

Our Mimeo Composite Shutters are ideal for use in bathrooms and other moist places. They are manufactured of hardened PVC with a metal core for enhanced stability and endurance and are completely waterproof. This guarantees that when exposed to water, our shutters won't break or bend.

Can a shower window be fitted with water water-resistant shutters ?

The short answer is yes. We manufacture Mimeo Composite Shutters, especially for windows that frequently come into touch with water. The amazing thing about these shutters is that water may run over them all day without severely affecting them. They are heavier than our wooden shutter varieties, making them a bit difficult to fit. Nevertheless, our staff is available to assist you with installation and measurement.

window shutters company car fleet and warehouse in chessington
Bifold Tracked Window Shutters installed on a corner patio door

The benefits of using shutters in bathrooms

Shutters on windows ensure control over light and privacy. When taking a lengthy, soothing bath, close them entirely for complete seclusion and to block out the sun for a cozy ambiance. You may tilt the slats open to bring in precisely the perfect amount of natural light while still managing any glare from strong sunshine. Shutters provide light while shielding the room's interior from prying eyes when the slats are fully opened.

Additionally, there is a lot of variety in shutter designs. Choose between full-height shutters, which completely enclose the window, or café-style shutters, if just the bottom portion of the window has to be dressed up. Bathroom blinds simply cannot give the half-height shutters' design, which maintains bathroom users' privacy while allowing all available light to enter through the top of the window.

Plantation Shutters in Bathrooms are easy to maintain

Maintaining a clean environment helps to protect the health of you and your family. Shutters are a good alternative for bathrooms since they are simple to maintain. All you have to do is use a moist towel to clean the frame and slats. Alternately, pick a reliable cleaning agent to eliminate germs and bacteria.

You can control and open both the upper and lower panes individually. This allows you to maximize the light from the top layers while preserving the privacy you get when you close the other panels.

Of course, the configuration can be accurately adapted to your needs. This makes wooden tier on tier shutters one of the most versatile shutters on the market.

window shutters company car fleet and warehouse in chessington
Bifold Tracked Window Shutters installed on a corner patio door

Bathroom shutters allow for great light control dimming

Furthermore, bathroom shutters provide you with complete control over the lighting. Choose between entirely closing them for ultimate seclusion, completely opening them for more light or something in between. Simply angle the slats to let in a little light when you wish to take a peaceful bath, and take pleasure in the spa-like ambiance.

In terms of slat sizes, we advise choosing a bigger slat size for your bathroom. Larger slats offer you the complete shutter effect and let in more light, despite the temptation to choose something smaller.
On the other hand, if you want to ensure your privacy while sunbathing, you can open the top with the smooth hinges of the shutter. Leave the bottom row completely closed to passers-by attention.

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Need suggestions for your bathroom's shutters ?

Nothing is more valuable than a helpful hand. When you're considering buying shutters for your bathroom windows, we can provide a variety of design and measuring recommendations even if we can't be there in your house. Use email to contact us. Your bathroom windows will be dressed nicely with the finest shutters available thanks to our guidance and assistance.

window shutters company car fleet and warehouse in chessington
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