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In our busy world, there are often many items that have varying degrees of style and presentation. One of the many areas where this can be seen is in the furnishing and interior design industries.
More and more people are exploring the option of having shutters on the windows of their home. Many people like the way it makes their home look more appealing and there are people who are enthusiastic about achieving an elegant window shutters design.
You may not be familiar with the range of different options available out there, since there are a huge number of materials, configurations, colours and suppliers on the market. A lot of people have their own unique preferences with their furniture and home décor, so it’s a good idea to know all the various options to make your home look more stylish with new window shutters for sale.
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Understanding our Plantation Shutters Products

A good way to become familiar with the options available for our shutters is to be familiar with the types of materials they are most often made from. For the most part, our interior window shutters are either Composite (Mimeo Composite Shutters), or Wooden (our Classic or Select Plantation Shutters Ranges).
Both options can achieve a high degree of elegance, by mixing different styles, configurations and eventually colours. Should you wish to opt for the highest wood quality window shutters, then our Select Plantation Shutters Range is the best option. Solid wood window shutters for sale can be elevated even further by getting them in stained colours.

Different designs for elegant shutters

Perhaps one of the best ways to actually make your window shutters look more stylish in your current home is to look at the designs, patterns and layouts of stylish shutters. While most window shutters are square or rectangular, you can find windows of many different shapes that can also be fitted with window shutters for sale.
Round and semi-circular shapes are as well relatively common, but there are a variety of different types of window shutters as well, such as cafe-style window shutters, that offer a balanced mix of privacy and allowance for light to still come through in the rooms.
Larger windows, such as bay windows or conservatory windows, can also be fitted with window shutters – in these scenarios given that the window panels are quite large, it’s worth exploring our Classic Shutters Range as the Douglas Fir wood they are made of, is overall lighter than the Ashwood or the Composite Shutters – this way keeping a bit more pressure off the hinges.

Stained shutters for a timeless look

Most homeowners want their shutters, made of wood. This is because of the versatility of the wood along with its long-lasting durability. Going for a Stained colour for the shutters, will ensure that they look as close as possible to the natural colour of the wood, whilst also getting better surface protection. Furthermore, the stained colour options, allow the natural grain of the wood to show at its best.
This brings an organic appearance to your home. One of the main reasons to go for wooden plantation shutters can be cost, with our Classic option being the most competitive within the entire UK market, or on the other hand, versatility and tradition mixed together can be found in our Select Ashwood range, with a great colour palette to choose from, multiple configuration options and eventually a grainy wooden brushed surface that emphasize the wood itself.

Benefits of installing plantation shutters(window shutters) in your home

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