“Can we install shutters onto doors?” is a frequent question from our clients. Certainly, we can! Plantation shutters may be installed on doors in a clean, fashionable style. They can be made into wide, long panels or into bi-folds that fold back out of the way.
We can accommodate wooden floors and carpet by cutting around skirting and window boards. So that there are no trip dangers when passing through the doorway, we may also employ a three-sided frame design.
Plantation Shutters in Chester

For sliding glass doors, consider plantation shutters

Other than windows, interiors might have shutters. Sliding glass doors are a fantastic alternative and offer a striking appearance. The sliding panels of your plantation shutters for sliding doors are made possible by the bypass track. Whether your sliding door stacks to the left, right, or opens from the center, we can design your custom window shutters to fit.

What is a Bi-Fold Track System?

The Bi-Fold Track System, an option with many of our shutter products, enables the hinged assembly of up to six panels. A top track that supports and directs the folding of the panels is linked to the panels.
Your plantation shutters may move and fold open thanks to bi-fold track systems.

What is a Bypass Track System?

The By-Pass Shutter Track System will work for you if you want to use shutters to split rooms or divide living areas. Shutter panels can glide to the left and right thanks to this technology.
You may have your shutters slide from left to right thanks to bypassing plantation shutter truck systems.

Using plantation shutters to divide rooms

An open floor plan is a great way to give your house a light, comfortable feel, but occasionally, big areas may make you long for their functionality.
At this point, room-dividing shutters are really helpful.
Shutters for room dividers combine the best of both worlds. You may make use of all the space your room has to offer with the shutters fully closed or partially open, but as the day changes, so does your room.
Interior shutters will easily slip into place and provide you with the peace and solitude you want, whether you need a quiet area to work, change, cook, or simply put your feet up.
If you wish to divide a space into two without adding a new wall, interior dividing shutters can work effectively.
Large bathrooms may thus have a separate shower, bath, and toilet areas, or a dining area can double as a home office during the day while remaining functional for family gatherings at night.
You have an almost limitless number of alternatives since shutters may add a variety of flexible space options without compromising your open-plan feeling.

Plantation shutters inside are ideal for family living

Some people who live near strong street lights have a greater need for blackout blinds and shutters since the light leak from the street is simply too intense even with a good window covering. This is becoming more of an issue as the adoption of very bright LED street lighting becomes more widespread.
Full height shutters - These completely enclose your entrance and may be built with a three-sided frame, so there's nothing for you to walk over at the bottom. Full height shutters may also include a mid-rail to conceal handles and louvers that may be adjusted to manage the amount of light that enters your rooms. Our Mimeo Composite Shutter is the perfect choice for this style!
Raised half-solid shutters - This style has a top louvered part and a solid elevated bottom piece. With the extra benefit that the solid bottom half can be quickly cleaned when dirt enters from the outside, this may also be created within a three-sided frame. For those seeking interior shutters with a more classic, maybe farmhouse vibe, half solid raised is a popular option.

Benefits of French and patio door shutters

Timeless styles for any home;
Sizes made to order to suit any French or patio door;
Maintain privacy and increase security in your home;
When you want it, let natural light enliven your rooms;
Utilize sophisticated insulation to keep your home energy-efficient.

Improve the appearance of your doors

Shutters for patio doors fully modify your space and offer more than simply a means to control light and privacy. Plantation shutters for French doors can smarten up and add beauty to your area, whether you want to complement your patio doors or put the finishing touch to a new addition. They also look fantastic on neighboring windows for a uniform appearance.

Designing French door shutters

To ensure a flawless fit, all of our patio door shutters are created to order using your dimensions. The ideal option for French doors is full-height shutters, which include a mid-rail so you may separately control the top and bottom sets of slats. They often have a 3-sided frame, unlike window shutters, so there is no bottom frame piece to step over. Ask our staff for guidance on the best panel size and where the frame should be placed to avoid blocking any door knobs (these can also be hidden with a carefully positioned mid-rail).
No matter how your room is laid up, we can assist in creating the ideal shutters for your requirements.

French doors featuring privacy and light control

French doors have an unmistakable allure because they allow natural light to fill your house, bringing vitality and an open, breezy, and fresh feeling to your space.
The issue is that not everyone wants their house to be always exposed to sunshine and passersby's eyes.
With this in mind, a window dressing is necessary since having some degree of solitude is necessary to unwind, sit back, and unwind.
One alternative is to use curtains or fabric blinds, but while they successfully block out the outside world, they aren't particularly flexible, making it difficult to close them just enough to block the sun's glare.
The best of both worlds may be had with new shutters.
Without entirely blocking the light, you may rapidly adjust the louvers to lessen the brightness in your room.
Of course, you can do the same thing to achieve the ideal degree of seclusion as well. Simply angle the slats until you have the ideal ratio of light and shade from the outside.

Shutters for French doors that withstand water

Although real wooden shutter panels have a lovely appearance, they may not always be the ideal choice in spaces where there may be moisture in the air.
Therefore, our Mimeo Composite Shutters collection is the ideal choice if you're contemplating French door shutters in a kitchen or other potentially damp environment.
Our water-resistant Mimeo shutters are made of plywood, but because of our meticulous attention to detail, they resemble hardwood shutters almost exactly.
The outcome? Beautiful French door shutters that can withstand use in a bustling kitchen, a steamy bathroom, or even beside a hot tub or pool.

Patio doors with shutters

Patio door shutters are hassle-free and simple to operate. You can watch the garden without being disturbed because the panels fold back neatly to the side. They make excellent gates for small children or pets when closed (you could even install your latch at the top).
The shutters are extremely easy to maintain; all that is required is a moist towel to wipe them off.

The benefits of using shutters on patio doors

Control of light and privacy
Plantation shutters are the best option for you if you're concerned about obstructing the natural light that comes in through your patio or French doors.
As opposed to curtains or blinds, French door shutters maximize the light, and the movable slats let you precisely control how much light enters your rooms. You also gain total seclusion for these frequently street-level rooms with the full coverage of these patio door shutters.
Designed to match
Finding a window treatment that can be tailored to precisely suit French and patio doors is vital since they can have a broad range of sizes and forms.
With interior shutters, you don't have to be concerned about odd sizes or forms because these shutter blinds are manufactured to order. These shutters will precisely fit the opening of your doors and windows using your exact measurements
Personality and style
Interior shutters are the ideal way to hide unsightly door frames or knobs while enhancing the character and depth of your house if you're not content with how they look.
The option of a mid-rail (or divider rail), which may be placed at any height in your shutters and allows you to open the top and bottom sets of slats separately, is available with full height shutters. In addition to being functional, a mid-rail may add aesthetics by being placed in front of window rails or handles so that they are concealed from view.
Boost the insulation
The drawback of patio and French doors is that they allow draughts to enter. By adding barriers and reducing the amount of heat loss from your rooms, installing shutters will offer an additional layer of insulation to your home.
By adding these high-quality shutters, you may reduce your energy costs.
Sound and secure
Shutters let you enjoy the summer air when it's warm outdoors without worrying about young children or pets wandering outside unattended.
To prevent little children from opening the shutter, you may alternatively put a lock higher up. In the assurance that everyone is content inside, you may enjoy the wind outside.
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Patio door shutters are simple to keep and clean

Although curtains and blinds may add beauty to your house, they can be quite difficult to maintain entirely dust-free and clean; in fact, they sometimes require pricey professional cleaning after being taken down.
Shutters make cleaning and upkeep a two-minute task.
Your shutters will appear brand-new with the simple use of a duster and a moist cloth.
Shutters also stop concealed dust from accumulating, which may happen with cloth window treatments.
In the UK, dust allergies are very widespread and can cause respiratory problems and sleep disturbances.
Shutters make it impossible for dust and other airborne allergens to hide, and even if your shutters are full height, a feather duster may easily reach the top!

Improved light and privacy control

Your shutters don't need to be open or closed, unlike your doors. You may move the slats throughout the day to manage the amount of light and air entering the space.
French door shutters also offer seclusion, allowing you to open your doors and enjoy the cool summer air in solitude.

Insulation and noise reduction are provided using shutters

For patio and French doors, shutter blinds offer the added benefits of insulation, lower energy costs, and weather protection. They also assist in lowering outside noise, which is wonderful if children are playing in the garden.
If you’re interested in hearing more about shutters for doors, why not get in touch with us?
Narrow panels work best as they fold onto each other and sit on the side. We also advise that you give thought to how often you’ll open the panels. If you end up leaving the panels closed most of the time – we suggest you consider full-height shutters which will reduce the amount of solid wood you have on the window.

Benefits of installing plantation shutters(window shutters) in your home

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