Will plantation shutters increase the value of your home?

Plantation shutters are a wonderful improvement for your house that also provides seclusion. Although installing plantation shutters in your home might have both immediate and long-term advantages, do they increase the value of your property? Yes, they do boost the value of your property in a variety of ways.

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Published on: November 28, 2022
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Plantation shutters increase the value of your home

Wood, composite, or vinyl are the primary materials used to create plantation shutters. The finest material for plantation shutters relies on your preferences and the requirements of your home is the response to the question. With the help of our pros, who will measure and install the shutters, our team at Shutters Factory LTD will make sure everything is done correctly.

In the future, do you intend to sell your house? Plantation shutters will be offered with the full house because they are made to fit your windows specifically. The good news is that plantation shutters, especially high-quality ones, can increase the value of your property in appraisals.

Buyers are impressed by plantation shutters

Which of two identical homes in similar communities, one with plantation shutters, do you think will wow potential buyers more? The one which has plantation shutters.

Plantation shutters' elegant appearance, sturdy construction, and clean lines provide the luxury sense that prospective buyers seek. Shutters are also attractive from the outside, increasing curb appeal. What's the actual kicker? When the next buyer moves in, they will not be required to purchase window coverings. Overall, plantation shutters may help your property sell faster and allow you to advertise it for a greater price than a home without them. Contact your real estate agent to learn more about using your shutters as a selling feature.

Traditional Looks

They improve or reform the esthetics of your home

Do you like to personalize the inside of your house? A fantastic choice is plantation shutters! They not only make your home seem better, but they are also a smart investment. Plantation shutters are favored by many homeowners over other window coverings because, unlike the latter, you can still enjoy your area while letting in some light by simply tilting the shutters up or down.

They need minimal upkeep

Many prospective homeowners search for properties that require low-maintenance improvements. Plantation shutters have the benefit of being easy for anybody to maintain in terms of keeping them clean and attractive even after many years. In addition to beautifying your home, they will also reduce the frequency of cleaning.

They use less energy

Plantation shutters save energy, which is another way they increase the value of your house. They assist in maintaining a consistent indoor temperature amid weather changes since they are made to the same precise measurements as windows. This implies that plantation shutters may help you save money on your power costs each month, which is a benefit.

Should you invest in plantation shutters?

Yes. Plantation shutters are well worth the cost because of all the advantages they provide. These are the key points: They add sophistication and improve the appearance of your house. They are also highly durable, create privacy, are energy-efficient, and help you spend less on electricity. Shutters have another advantage over blinds in that they are relatively simple to maintain.

How long will my shutters last?

Shutters are an excellent and long-lasting addition to your house since they may last up to 20 years with proper upkeep.

Because our shutters have an 2-year warranty, we guarantee that, during the first few years of usage, both the shutter product and the competent workmanship of the team that measured and installed the shutters will be free of flaws. However, this in no way represents a restriction on how long the shutters can endure. Speaking with former customers who have contacted us over 15 years later, they report that their shutters still look fantastic and function just as well as they did when they were initially put in the rooms.

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What furnishings can help to raise my property's value?

When it comes to creating the ideal décor, plantation shutters are the best option. Look at the present color palette in your rooms, and make sure the walls are neutral with maybe one accent wall covered in wallpaper. Choose a light, impersonal wall color that complements the white or light stain on your window shutters. Soft furniture like vibrant carpets or cushions may provide pops of color. The entire appearance will be magnificent, especially against those gorgeous window shutters.

Do I choose painted or stained shutters?

Whichever you select will simply depend on your preferences. Both will raise your property's worth. But keep in mind that not everyone will share your sense of style. Avoid using overly dark or vivid colors since not everyone will find them appealing. The best options are neutral tones or light stains since they complement any color scheme. You will be able to declutter your rooms to complete a more elegant style that will appeal to everyone because your shutters are already delivering beauty.

Waterbased Paint VS Stained Colour

made-to-measure plantation shutters

What should I do if I can't afford shutters?

Property developers have varying opinions on whether to purchase the least expensive shutters. They believe that these will have an instant impact, but consumers are smart, and they will hunt for shutters that are sturdy and long-lasting. Quality matters, and potential buyers will quickly lower the asking price if they are of poor quality or poorly fitting, which amounts to a false economy on the seller's behalf. To impress potential buyers, outfit only the primary windows in high-quality shutters if you can't afford to do so for all of your windows.

To sum up

Plantation shutters are a great improvement for your house. Do plantation shutters increase the value of your property if you're preparing to sell it? They not only provide lovely aesthetics and are simple to maintain, but they may also raise the value of your house! You may even attempt to install plantation shutters yourself if you are a future DIY whiz.

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