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Select Shutters: An unique product in the uk

The new range, Select Ashwood Shutters, comes with an unique wood grain/brushed textured surface

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The product

London – United Kingdom, 01/01/2020. Shutters Factory launched its Select Shutters Range.
Most importantly to know, The Select Shutters Range is made entirely out of ash wood. The end-product is making great use of the hardwood's strenght, hardness, weight and shock resistance.

All our shutters made of ash wood come with a brushed finish reproducing this way the wood grain effect.

Cost-wise, the Select Ash Wood Shutters, position themselves on the above average scale in the UK Market. Extravagant layouts and configurations are usually what's pushing the cost of plantation shutters upwards.

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High Impact Resistance

Ash wood, being a very strong wood specie overall, provides a greater resistance to direct impact. Whilst you should avoid slamming, hitting or abusing the shutters in any way, should a hit to the shutters surface happen, chances are for it to not physically mark or scuff, or at the very least to cause minor scuffing – depending on the severity of the impact. Overall, Select Ash Wood shutters are a lot more hardwearing than other products such as MDF or soft species made shutters.

Covered by 5 Years Manufacture's Warranty

The Select Ash Wood plantation shutters come covered by a 5 year manufacture's warranty. This covers both the wood structure and the hatdware

Textured Surface – Wood Grain Effect

All our shutters made of ash wood come with a brushed finish reproducing this way the wood grain effect. This follows the more Traditional looks of shutters and how they were used to be built in their early stages. From an Interior Design Perspective, it aligns pretty well with traditional set-ups such as Victorian properties, barn conversions or country houses.

window shutters company car fleet and warehouse in chessington

The Company

Shutters Factory specialises in the Supply and Installation of Plantation Shutters. We are aiming to provide the highest quality custom designed and installed shutters in London and the eventually the whole UK. Our products are made to suit every home and every window.

With more than 15 years experience, we have launched our own production line in Europe. The whole purpose was so that you can get the most suitable look and feel for an almost direct factory prices.

Our product portfolio includes Mimeo Composite Shutters, Classic Douglas Fir Wooden Shutters and ultimately the Select Ashwood Shutters Blinds that come with a wood grain textured finish.

One of our friendly Design Specialists will be able to help you out with a Free quote and a Free Survey. Our main objective is to guide you in picking the most suitable product for your needs.

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Mr. Silviu Negoescu

Managing Director



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