Easy Guide to Bay Window Shutters

Plantation shutters are a wonderful improvement for your house that also provides seclusion. Although installing plantation shutters in your home might have both immediate and long-term advantages, do they increase the value of your property? Yes, they do boost the value of your property in a variety of ways.

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Published on: January 24, 2023
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What are Bay Windows ?

A bay is a space between architectural components, a hollow, or a compartment in the framework of a building. The term "bay" comes from the old French word "baee", meaning openness or hole.

Bay windows are composed of three or more windows that tilt past an outer wall that is square, hexagonal, or octagonal in shape. Because they are situated beyond the outer wall, they form a niche. Bay windows get their name from the fact that they fit inside the architectural notion of a bay.

Such architectural elements form the artistic design of the house and might increase the usable area as well as give the building a bold shape.

Different variations of bay windows

Bay windows are frequently the main focal point of an area and deserve a suitable finishing touch. In this case, window shutters are the ideal option and the best choice for many homeowners.

The Bow Bay Windows

The bow window is a curved version of the bay window. They consist of at least four semicircular window panes. This version of the bay window began in the Georgian period and became more popular in Regency-style architecture. They were often used in English country houses because they provided a view without the discomfort of sitting outside in cold, wet weather that the English countryside has in abundance.

A circular bay window is also known as a bow window. Bow windows, like bay windows, protrude beyond an external wall, but they differ in many essential ways. For starters, bow windows have four, five, or six windows instead of the standard three.

Bow windows are curved, as opposed to bay windows, which are angled in a square, hexagonal, or octagonal shape. Bow windows are often larger due to the use of more panels, yet they do not extend as far outwardly.

The Oriel Bay Windows

The Oriel window is another type of rounded bay window. These tend to exist on the upper floors of buildings and do not reach ground level, but are closer to enclosed balconies.
Oriel windows can increase the size of a room cost-effectively, allowing optimal use of a small space.

The Box Bay Windows

Box Bay windows, as the name implies, are at 90-degree angles, giving them a box form. There is usually one huge window in the front and two smaller ones on each side. All bay windows are required to protrude from the structure, thus Box Bay windows do as well.

They form a type of platform that extends from the structure, offering a charming appearance both inside and out. It is one of the more modest bay window styles. Most people use their bay windows to display plants or other decorations, but others utilize them to create a sitting space as well. Ultimately, their use is determined by their size.

The greatest bay window cover

Interior plantation shutters are undoubtedly the greatest bay window cover. Shutters, unlike curtains, are mounted to fit the shape of the window and preserve the original meaning of the bay. They work as effectively in a modern or period home, following the curve of the bay to create privacy while optimizing light.

Plantation shutters for all types of bay windows

Shutters may be installed in almost any bay window, regardless of style. Shutters for curving bay windows are usually a good choice, but they also work well for box and square bays. Whatever the shape of your window, there is a shutter to fit it.

Color schemes for bay windows shutters

We provide our whole color palette, from white bay window shutters to deep, black clay if you like darker interiors. Want something in the middle? Consider installing grey bay window shutters. It is important to note that the colors available depend on the material you choose.

The great value shutters add to a bay window

Various design choices

Bay window shutters are the perfect blend of utility and design, whether your Bay is Victorian, Edwardian, new build, or wholly unique. They will not only highlight the elements of the space, but they will also offer you that curb appeal that will make people passing by - envious!

Adjusting the light

When it comes to regulating light from your Bay window, shutters provide the most versatility. You can regulate the sun at any angle during the day by adjusting the slats, whilst folding back panels will flood your space with light.


Shutters for a Bay window are an excellent way to provide seclusion in your house while also improving its appearance. Depending on where your bay window is located, you may change the slats to provide the privacy you want, whether it is a ground-level window or elsewhere.

Insulation and noise cancellation

Shutters trap warm air in, keeping your space comfortable and draught-free. They also provide excellent soundproofing against the noises and bustle of life outside.

Why should you use shutters on your bay window ?

Kerb appeal — shutters increase the value of a house, especially when positioned in a prominent location such as a street-facing bay window.

Options — in addition to traditional full-height shutters, we now offer tier-on-tier shutters. These are a popular choice for bay windows since they provide seclusion while yet allowing plenty of light in.

Whether you live in a historic Victorian terrace or a sleek new construction and want to spruce up your bay window with new plantation shutters, we have a variety of types to suit any unique interests.


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Which shutter style works best for bay windows ?

We believe that you should honor the grandeur of bay windows by covering the entire window. That implies full height or layer on tier shutters, whether slatted or solid, are ideally suited to a bay window.

Full height shutters for bay windows typically necessitate a mid-rail, which is a horizontal rail built into the frame of your shutter panel. Depending on the height of your windows, they may be a structural requirement or a decorative component. With a mid-rail, the slats on the top and bottom parts may be operated individually.

Tier-on-tier shutters work similarly, with the exception that you may open and close the top and bottom panels individually. Solid panel shutters are appropriate for a more classic appearance (think of Bath limestone terraced buildings) and for blocking off as much light as possible (ideal for bay windows in bedrooms).

Do you prefer café-style shutters? No worries. When it comes to bay window wooden shutters, there is no incorrect solution. You may also view our product and technical specifications here.

Are there any advantages to installing shutters in a bay window ?

Once installed, bay window shutters reveal their potential. Not only the apparent curb appeal or a nice room finish. They provide seclusion to rooms that are frequently facing the street. They also make a room feel larger since nothing hangs down or cuts across the front of the bay.

Shutters provide a variety of light management choices and will flood your space with light even when the louvers are inclined. You may also explore having the top portion of louvers operate independently of the bottom section, which blinds cannot accomplish.

How do you clean them ?

Shutters are less difficult to clean than blinds! Simply clean them using a brush on a hoover attachment, a microfiber cloth, or a duster. A moist towel can be used to erase stubborn markings.

Is it possible for me to install bay window shutters myself ?

We provide a comprehensive design and installation service, which we always suggest over self-installation. We are responsible for obtaining accurate millimeter measurements as well as the angles necessary to offer a proper pair of shutters for your bay. We communicate with the factory about any production-related questions they may have, and we will come and install these for you as soon as they are delivered.

We have all of the essential tools and equipment and the requisite experience to assure a flawless installation. Furthermore, we remove all trash, so there are no excursions to the landfill to fit into your hectic schedule.

What are the prices for bay window shutters ?

Bay window shutters, like all of our shutters, are priced based on the total size of the window and the material used for the shutters - we have a large product selection for you to pick from.

When you consider your other alternatives and how long shutters will last, they are not pricey.

Ideal for bays of various shapes, sizes, and styles

Our shutters are excellent for everything from Victorian bay windows to new construction box bays. Tier-on-tier shutters and hardwood shutters are both common options for bay windows.
These inside shutters allow you to open and close the top and bottom pieces individually, giving you more control over the light entering your bay. Shutters on bay windows can also provide additional privacy and protection.

We can create shutters to fit any form of bay window, whether it is round, square, canted (flat front with sloped sides), or angled.


Our expertise in window shutters

It is as essential to us as it is to you that your shutters are exactly as you imagined and fit perfectly. We are the ideal option to buy plantation shutters since we are passionate about our product.

Knowing that we exclusively use high-quality materials and collaborate with the greatest production teams gives us confidence and pride in our product, which translates into every order we handle.


Our clients matter !

You are the most powerful element in transforming our employees into professionals! Our customers' feedback influences how we manage our business and the products we offer.

Our success is directly proportional to the satisfaction of our clients. Customers that follow our measurement recommendations and the advice of our specialists will have an excellent installation.

We request honest feedback and invite all of our customers to provide a review after their order has been completed. This allows us to see where we are excelling. If we fall short, we take corrective action!


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