Definitive Guide To Our Plantation Shutters

Need a simple method for making the neighbours jealous? Basically, add new Composite Plantation Shutters to your windows. They'll totally change the appearance of your home. An outright snap to fit.

They're produced using pvc with metal core enforcement, so they won't warp, bend or fade that easily (making them ideal for kitchens and wet areas). They will turn into a necessary addition to your home.

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Published on: January 24, 2023
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Plantation Shutters: Foreword

Affordable plantation shutters may be the buzz phrase people look for when searching online. None of us at Shutters Factory have ever met a single client in over 15 years who actually wants cheap plantation shutters of any type.

What clients usually seek is not to be taken in by companies selling low quality products.

At Shutters Factory, we are a leading supplier and installer of plantation shutters in United Kingdom. Interior Window Shutters are a very fashionable and complex window dressing option. They became a very popular choice amongst home owners.


Plantation Shutters VS Blinds VS Curtains

Should you choose plantation shutters, blinds or curtains? Picking the right window treatment for your property can prove to be a difficult task. In general, windows are one of the most outstanding architectural features. The way you dress them can have an effect in your interior’s looks.

We are here to guide you in making a calculated decision that suits your needs and ultimately your home. Blinds, as a rule cost more than curtains. Quite often, bespoke made curtains will outprice both blinds and plantation shutters. With plastic or aluminium blinds, individual slats can break or bend easy enough. Once damage has happened, it can have a big impact on how the entire window looks.

Some blinds are difficult to clean, especially if they need to be removed each time. Water can also damage some types of blinds that are made from wood or aluminium. Splashes will leave a mark on both blinds, curtains and wood shutters. Composite Plantation Shutters might offer the highest level of protection against spillages. When it comes to curtains, pet hair and dust, is more likely to collect on curtains. Upkeep of the curtains can be more of a constant, regular task than it is with blinds or window shutters.

Curtains are more intrusive in a space so can make a room look smaller. Rarely do curtains fit perfectly over a window, unless if they custom made. There's going to be some light filter at the sides. Avoid getting curtains in kitchens, bathrooms or any other wet areas! There is a high chance of staining and for mould to set up on curtains due to higher wet conditions.

Interior plantation shutters are very solid, consisting of panels with “louvres” (or slats). The slats move together, allowing you to adjust the level of light coming into the room. Other window dressing options, such as vertical blinds, can “bend” or “crinkle”. They are likely to show signs of age for a very long time.

Shutters can also be used outside. They provide a high level of privacy. You can achieve blackout via shutters with integrated blackout blinds. Shutters insulate the property and offer protection from the outside elements.
Unlike curtains, or blinds, plantation shutters are not made of fabric. This means they are more resilient to staining.
The gap between the louvres means there is plenty of room to clean or dust. The cleaning process is straightforward. We can even supply our customers with a special cleaning tool.

Because shutters are sturdy, you’re not at risk of bending them out of shape when you operate them. A dry dust or a clean with a microfiber cloth and furniture polish is all you need to keep them sparkling. The louvres can be made wider or narrower, depending on the level of light you want to achieve in the room. Move the louvres at various angles to allow for different degrees of light and privacy. Shutters facilitate great airflow, while adding extra protection from the elements when closed.

Various Plantation Shutters Materials we have to offer

On the UK market there are various plantation shutters materials to choose from. In general, interior window shutters can manufactured out of Wood, PVC or MDF. Different suppliers or manufacturers might use different raw materials.

At Shutters Factory we supply Hardwood and Composite Plantation Shutters. We do not supply MDF shutters.

Mimeo Composite Plantation Shutters

Composite Shutters can be mistaken for standard PVC shutters. Just so you know, they are way better. Our Mimeo Composite range, comes with metal enforcement in the components. Having a metal core, the panels are more sturdy and less prone to bending or warping at bigger sizes.

Composite plantation shutters have the same structural integrity as wood shutters. They also have the waterproof, humidity-resistant qualities of vinyl. Comparing with wood shutters, composite shutters are cost-effective and low to maintain; Composite Shutters can’t be re-painted once they’re fit.

Classic Wooden Plantation Shutters

Our Classic Wooden Range is made entirely out of New Zealand Douglas Fir. Both the panels and frames. All wooden shutters might need to be re-finished and re-varnished from time to time. Usually after the 5-year mark. At Shutters Factory, the Classic wooden shutters are the most affordable choice in the entire UK market, as a wooden product.

Ocassionally, where and when needed we can supply other wooden species builds such as Pawlonia Wood, Poplar or Ash Wood. The Classic Plantation Shutters Range has a lead time of roughly 12-14 weeks. They come covered by 5 years warranty. All Wooden plantation shutters lack the waterproof quality of composite shutters. Wooden shutters can easily be moulded into different shapes or designs.

Select Ashwood Shutters

The Select Ash Wood Range is made entirely out of Ash Wood. Both the panels and frames. It has a lead time of roughly 12-14 weeks and comes covered by 5 years warranty.

This shutters range provide a naturally strong, durable, and stable option. Ash wood is known to being shock resistant as well. The Select Shutters range have benefits related to insulation, privacy, air flow and protection from fading.

One of the most pleasant features of the Select Range is that it comes with a wooden grain brushed surface. It fits naturally in traditional homes or traditionally decorated properties.


Various Styles of Plantation Shutters

As a manufacturer, supplier and retailer of bespoke plantation shutters, we can state for sure that there are hundreds of options in terms of design and style to select from. The most famous designs and layouts are:

1. Full Height

These are designed to completely cover your window from top to bottom. This style provides superb privacy and can be achieved in a few different ways:
- Full Height Standard:
The standard setup is that the panels are built to cover the entire window height. All the louvres from a panel are interconnected and tilt in the same direction. There are no other visible features on the front of the panel such as mid-rails or split sections (except for a possible centered tilt rod).
- Full Height with Mid Rail:
Just as with a Split Louvre section, having a Mid-Rail in a Full Height Panel, allows tilting of the louvres to happen differently in between the two sections created. A mid rail is a visible component on the shutter’s panel. Width-wise a mid-rail can be roughly 76mm wide.
However, depending on the product and manufacturer it can also slightly vary in size. A mid-rail component also becomes a must have in the event where the panels total width exceeds usually about 1600mm. Having a mid-rail present, increases the overall stability of taller panels.

In general, split louvre sections or mid rails, can be placed overlapping any present windows rails. There are some manufacturing constraints that can apply when opting of any of the split louvre section or mid rail features. This usually depends on the overall sizes and configuration chosen for the shutters. During each home visit, our Surveyors will be able to advise you on the best overall product configuration and discuss with you all the features that our shutters have to offer.

2. Tier on Tier

Tier on Tier plantation shutters essentially have two sets of panels, upper panel and lower panel. Those can be open or closed independently from each other. There are two main ways in which we can design a Tier on Tier Style:

- Tier on Tier Standard
This setup lets you keep the lower panels closed for privacy whilst keeping the top panels open for complete light-access.

- Tier on Tier With Horizontal T-Post
In some scenarios the window opening can be quite wide. Should the customer opt for a tier-on-tier setup we might recommend getting a Horizontal T Post added as well, at the tier split. The Horizontal T Post is an optional feature; however, it will help and increase the overall stability of the shutters, especially for those fit within a wide window opening.

A Horizontal T Post is usually an optional feature. In some cases, our Surveyors might advise you in getting it mandatory. That usually happens depending on the overall panel configuration and the overall width of the window opening.

3. Cafe Style

Maintain your room light and private in the same time. You can easily achieve this with Cafe Style Plantation Shutters. They are also known as Half-Height Shutters.

-Café Style Standard
The very standard Café Style means that the shutters are only going to cover the bottom half of a window. For this option, usually a top frame won’t exist.

-Café Style with Top Frame
In the event where the window overall opening is quite wide, you might be advised by our Surveyors to get the Top Frame included as well in the final design. This will increase the overall stability of the shutters over a wide window.
To minimize the extra Top Frame feature effect, this usually gets overlapped on the window’s horizontal rail where present.

4. Solid Panel Shutters

Solid Panel shutters are the preferred choice for providing an entire light block when a night’s sleep is critical. They are very beneficial towards drafty windows as they offer the highest insulation rates amongst all the styles.

- Full Solid Panels

Full Solid Panels are self-explanatory. These shutter panels do not contain slats. They can be built as Full Height covering the entire height of the window. Furthermore, a Tier-on-Tier design can be applied as well for solid panels.

- Combi Shutters

Combi Shutters are a mix layout between Slatted Panels and Full Solid Panels. A Combi Shutter Panel is built Full Height and the top half of the panel is the slatted region, whereas the bottom side of the panel is the full solid section.

5. Tracked Plantation Shutters

The Tracked Plantation Shutters have the panels fixed on rails. There are several options of rails placements, yet overall, you will have the rails either fixed at the top only or can be fixed at the top and bottom side on the floor. When it comes to the panel opening there are 2 ways, we can make that happen: either having the panels bi-folding on a either side or sliding left-right.

- Tracked Bi-Folding

A Tracked Bi-Folding Shutters Style, will allow the panels to bifold either all of them on one side or part of them on a side and the other part in the opposite side.

- Tracked Bi-Pass

The Tracked Bi-Pass Style allows the panels to slide left or right. For this option, there can be either two or up to three parallel tracks/rails mounted.
The Bi-Folding and Bi-Pass options are usually recommended and make up a great fit for patio doors or room dividers.

6. Special Shapes

Special Shaped Plantation Shutters are designs created to fit any window that is not rectangular by design. The Special Shape options range from triangular shutters, oval shutters, even porthole window Shutters and many others. Some of the most sought after Special Shapes layouts are as follows:

Round Plantation Shutters
Yes, we can create fully round shutters if needed. Given the shape of the shutter, the we may achieve one or more panels within a round shutter. Should there only be 1 panel, at that point we might have it fixed to the frame via magnets and without hinges.

Arched Plantation Shutters
These are meant to go to amazing over the Edwardian arched windows present in the UK. Of course, being made-to-measure we can have them for any type of windows that might have an arched/rounded top, whilst rectangular towards the bottom of the window.

Triangular Plantation Shutters
Whether you’ve got windows entirely shaped as a triangle or just windows with a triangular top side, we can handle both options.

Trapezoid / Rake Shapes
Occasionally we stumble across what we call trapezoid or rake shaped windows. Simply stated a rake shutter is a shutter that has a straight angled top. Special Shaped Styles are the most difficult to achieve. At Shutters Factory we have come across and dealt with tens if not hundreds of different special shaped layouts across the years. Whilst there are some specific configuration options applicable to the special shaped shutters, the most important to note being whether it will have hinged panels or fixed.


Various Components To Be Chosen

Plantation Shutters come with a wide array of configuration options. When it comes to components some of the most important picks to take note of are:


Colour-wise there are mainly three options to go for.

Painted colours are water-based colours which contain a set of predefined colours. The standard waterbased colour palette can be found across all suppliers or retailers. There will be some unique options found across every company. At Shutters Factory, the standard waterbased colours palette contains over 20 different colours starting from variations of white up until black.
Stained Colours, which are oil-based, cover tones such as the natural looks of various wood colours. Some examples of oil-based stain colours are walnut, teak or oak. The Shutters Factory stained colour palette contains over 16+ different colours to choose from. Stained Colours are slightly more difficult to achieve hence being slightly more expensive than painted water-based colours.
As a final option, should our clients not find what’s right for them in the standard Painted Colours or Stain Colours palettes, we offer them the option of Bespoke Finishing/Colouring. Choosing the route of a bespoke colour, generally affects the lead time for manufacturing and implies higher costs. For this process, we will require that the client supplies either the Dulux or Farrow Ball colour code or a hexadecimal code.
There is always the issue of colour consistency when applied to different raw materials. For bespoke colours we cannot guarantee 100% colour match to what’s seen on paper, plasterboard or a computer screen. This is mainly due to the fact that wood overall, being a natural material, has different absorption rates.
By default, a panel usually consists of at least a Top Rail and a Bottom Rail. These are important components that keep the stiles together and ultimately the louvres (slats).
In addition to this, a shutter panel can have one or multiple mid-rails. Mid-Rails are usually optional. There are some scenarios where mid-rails are mandatory and that is in the event of the overall height of the window/shutter is greater than 1600mm.
Having mid rails allows for creating separate louvered sections that tilt independently from each other. Another benefit of mid-rails is that they help increase a pane’s stability making it sturdier.
Overall, there are over 15+ different types of frames. Each product range, Mimeo, Classic or Select, might have slightly different types of frames available and applicable. Frames are usually chosen in relation to other components picked and also to the type of window or opening that is present. Some frames can fit within a recess whilst others can be fit directly on top of the window frame itself. The scenarios can vary a lot.
The louvre/slat size selection can also impact the choice of the frame.
Usually frames can start from around 46mm depth and can get up to around 100mm in depth.


The stile component is what keeps the louvres tight together. When it comes to stiles there’s a few variations available in terms of width and appearance. Width-wise there’s mainly a selection of 40mm, 50.8mm or 100mm wide stiles.
Appearance-wise stiles can be either Plain or Beaded.
Each of the product ranges that we supply, have their own available and applicable stiles. The choice of stiles is also affected by the Product type (Mimeo, Classic or Select), but also to the overall size of the panels.

Tilt Rods:

The Tilt Rod is the component that helps you manoeuvre the tilting of the louvres/slats. There are three main types of Tilt Rods available:
- Visible Tilt Rod: Central or Side – this is visible from inside the property and is connected to each of the slats via metal pins. Where applicable, this should be used to tilt the slats up or down. It is made out of the same material the overall shutter is made, either Wooden or Composite.
- Clearview Rod: This comes in the form of a slim metal bar, attached to the louvres yet at the back of the panels. It comes in the same colour as the shutter. Whilst it might not be visible from the inside of the property, it can be visible from outside of the property. All the slats being interconnected, the tilting can happen directly from any of the slats.
- In-Style Hidden Tilt: With this selection, the entire tilting mechanism is built within the stiles of the panels. The manoeuvring of the slats will be done from any of the slats. Whilst looks-wise this might be the preferred option, bare in mind that it is the most difficult to achieve and it carries out a higher price.
Maintenance-wise the Clearview option seems to be doing the best job. In the event of damage to the rods or tilting mechanism, the clearview option allows for a fixture on-premises. The in-style hidden mechanism, in the event of getting damaged, requires for the entire panel to be taken away and sent to the factory for fixtures – it cannot be fixed on-site.
Each of our ranges: Mimeo, Classic or select – come with a variety of hinges to choose from. Normally for shutters that come in shades of white as a colour, we tend to supply colour matching hinges. Should you decide to get creative with your design, you can choose from the following options:
Pure White Hinges, (off) White Hinges, Pearl Hinges, Stainless Steel Hinges, Nickel Hinges (these are similar to shiny silver), Antique Brass Hinges, Brass Hinges (similar to shiny gold) or Matt Black Hinges.
Bare in mind that the Classic and Select Wooden Shutters ranges come with the widest variety of hinges to choose from.

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Applicable to all Plantation Shutters
Supply and Install Orders

10 Steps to describe the Entire Process Of Ordering Plantation Shutters

Ordering your plantation shutters with us is a very easy and straightforward process.
1. Contact Shutters Factory
Feel free to get in touch with us either by email or by phone and one of our colleagues will assist you further with your enquiry.

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2. Arrange a Survey
On the first contact we can issue a preliminary quote or provide you with a rough ball park cost for our products. We recommend getting rough measurements in mm (millimetres) or cm (centimetres) of your windows/opening.
Based on the measurements provided we will issue a rough quote on the spot.
In the event where you already have a quote from other retailers or suppliers feel free to share that with us and we will issue our best quote for a like-for-like product. Should you find it difficult to take rough measures, or should you already know what you are looking for, you can go ahead and request a survey with us.

Our Surveying services are free of cost as long as the property is within London or surrounding areas.
Depending on your location and our availability at the time, we might be able arrange the visit either in the same week or even the same day.
3. Home Visit Presentation
Before the Survey, please make sure that the window openings are not obstructed by anything such as furniture, loose curtains or anything else. Should you already have blinds in place or old shutters, we might not be able to take full and final measures until these have been removed in advance. Regardless, we will do our best to take the final measures on the first visit, yet where needed due to obstructions as mentioned above, we might need to come back again.
During the Survey, our surveyor will be able to take measures, present you with various samples and sizes of components and will eventually advise on the best configuration that fits your windows.
The Surveyor will be able to issue a quote on the spot and discuss that further with you.
4. Issue Accurate Quote
The final quote can be issued by the surveyor on the spot or by one of our staff members at the offices based on the surveyors’ measuring details. We can either send the quotes by email or by post where needed.
5. Placing the Order Through
As a standard practice, we will require at least 50% of the quote’s worth to be paid upfront as a Deposit, leaving the remaining 50% of the quote’s worth to be paid once the shutters are ready for installation and the installation has been scheduled. Unless otherwise agreed with the client, we cannot accept different payment terms by default.
We will place orders into production only after the deposit payment has been cleared into our accounting. The clearance period can differ depending on the method of payment.
6. Updating along the way
Once an order has been placed, we will update you along the way, until and up to the stage where the order arrives into our warehouse and is ready for installation.
Usually the updates will follow certain production, packing or transit stages.
7. Arrival of Order and Installation Scheduling
When we receive your order in our warehouse, we will get in touch with you to schedule the installation date. At this stage, once the installation has been scheduled, you will have to handle the payment of the remaining balance on the order (if any).
8. Potential Issues along the way
We acknowledge that from time to time, some issues can pop out. Either regarding to transit delays or other phenomenons that we cannot control (eg. wars, pandemics, etc.). We cannot be liable of issues we cannot control, nor do we issue discounts for such issues.

In the event where the product might arrive damaged or unfit for installation for whatever reason, we will offer a free repair or remake of the damaged goods. Whilst we understand that this can cause further details in getting the end product, we cannot be liable for compensation at this stage.

Remember that things are not perfect and certain things we cannot control, yet we treat all our jobs with maximum diligence and attention to details.
9. Marking Job as Successful
Once the shutters have been installed and any remaining balance for the job settled, we will then send over the warranty certificates for the product.
We might ask you for feedback for the general service provided at the end of the job.
10. Everyone’s Happy.
Being a Shutters Factory customer can be a rewarding experience. We tackle any issues during the warranty period as professionally and fast as possible.

Should you wish to purchase additional shutters for us we will be able to issue a further discount.
In the event where you will be able to recommend us to someone else that ends up purchasing shutters from us, you will be compensated either in cash or in higher discount applicable for any of your own future order.

Our clients matter !

You are the most powerful element in transforming our employees into professionals! Our customers' feedback influences how we manage our business and the products we offer.

Our success is directly proportional to the satisfaction of our clients. Customers that follow our measurement recommendations and the advice of our specialists will have an excellent installation.

We request honest feedback and invite all of our customers to provide a review after their order has been completed. This allows us to see where we are excelling. If we fall short, we take corrective action!


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