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We have extensive experience designing interior shutters for restaurants and offices. We love when our clients tell us how well their customers and employees feel in their locations.


If you need your guests to have a pleasant experience, the Shutters Factory will deliver you products that stand above expectations. Quality and feel are the most important to us.

Plantation Shutters

Why And When?

There are four major benefits of installing plantation shutters (window shutters) in your home or office:

  • Light Control
  • Each panel can be adjusted independently to control the light within your home.

  • Ultimate Privacy
  • Shutter panels allow the natural light to come in while keeping unwelcome attention out.

  • Thermal & Sound Insulation
  • Shutters keep your room cool during the summer and retain the heat during the winter. Shutters also reduce the noise level, ideal for homes near busy roads.

  • Easy to Maintain
  • Shutters require very little maintenance as they are very easy to clean. Simply dust your shutters or wipe them down.

Interior window shutters will definitely change the look of your home. Wherever you want to create a look matching your decor or benefit of the advantages the internal shutters offer, they are a real investment.

Don’t let yourself immersed in the idea they fit more traditional houses and rural living. They are ideal for urban homes and they compliment any room, including living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, conservatories, gable ends, bay windows and sash windows. Moreover, they add significant value to your property.

Wooden Shutters

The Best Choice

Your room gets a signature look.

Our high-quality wooden shutters, available in painted, lacquered and oiled finishes, are a perfect choice for every home and office. They have a fine and straight grain and an even texture. Moreover, they are lightweight and odourless. We offer you the widest choice of paint and stain colours, louvre sizes and stile types, an enormous amount of flexibility and customisation to provide you with a bespoke shutter solution.

DIY shutters

Easy Order, Easy Fit

Less worries, more satisfaction

Many shutters installers will tell you measuring and installing shutters by yourself are difficult tasks. We know they aren’t. Customers have been purchasing and installing window shutters for years. With the instructions provided these tasks become much easier than expected. Helpful videos and measuring guides illustrate how to perform all operations needed from the very beginning to placing the order, from unpacking the shutters to installing.

Still, in case you ever get stuck or feel like needing some pieces of advice from the specialist, call us and we will gladly prodive you with all the necessary information and help.

Affordable shutters

How is it possible?

A penny saved is a penny earned

Not all shutters are expensive. Save money by performing the measurements by yourself. Save money installing the shutters by yourself. Prosperity is the fruit of labor. In addition take profit of the competitive prices we’re offering you. Take it to your advantage. This is how we manage to offer you interior window shutters for around 50% of the price of other “measure and install” companies may offer you. Is it a good deal? All we want is you staying assured your order will surpass your expectations.

Interior Shutters

The investment that returns satisfaction

A short recap on our interior window shutters

  • high-quality wooden products
  • made-to-measure, customized to fit any window shape and size
  • a wide range of shutter styles, slat sizes, materials and colours to choose from
  • top quality paints and stains, finishing that lasts, thanks to the UV protective lacquer that seals the colour and stops it fading in the sun
  • very easy to clean and simple to maintain, economical
  • practical all year round
  • more permanent than curtains
  • protecting against the sun’s glare and keeping your house cool during the summer while still letting in light and air
  • retaining heat during the winter by providing an extra layer of thermal insulation
  • providing visual security and privacy from the prying eyes from outside, without removing light
  • creating a minimalist look when used as alternative to curtains and blinds
  • improving the window designs
  • adding value to your property

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